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  • Primary Health Care

    NMPHC wants to be your medical home. Our doctors and nurse practitioners are highly-qualified and ready to address your concerns, including sick visits, chronic illnesses, and prevention needs. We utilize the best practices of the industry for treatment and prevention options as well as the latest in healthcare technology.

  • Screenings

    Screenings are important to detect disease early. We offer screenings for diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, and many more health conditions. Some screenings are even included in your visit cost so that everyone has access to prevention and early treatment.

  • Diagnostic Laboratory

    Lab testing is an important part of medical care. NMPHC offers a wide range of lab services both in the office and through outside labs at affordable prices. Some lab work may even be included in the cost of your visit.

  • Diagnostic Radiology

    NMPHC is proud to offer high quality and efficient radiology services at our Benton Medical Center location. Over reads of x-rays are done locally and reported quickly back to our providers for the most timely implementation of treatment plans.

  • Immunizations

    Vaccines for all ages are available at selected sites. NMPHC participates in the Vaccines for Children Program which offers free or low-cost vaccines to young people. We also have seasonal flu shots and pneumonia shots.

  • Well Child Services

    Making sure your child is growing up healthy is easy with scheduled wellness visits throughout childhood and teenage years. These annual check ups can be wonderful preventive measures to ensure that your child continues to remain healthy and often are provided at no co-pay cost via many insurers.

  • Gynecological Care

    NMPHC providers provide women’s health services including annual exams, STD screening and treatment, birth control, and care and advice for conditions affecting women at all locations. Our Benton location has a provider dedicated to issues concerning women’s health every Tuesday as well.

  • Mental Health Services

    Physical health is only one aspect of well-being. Mental health services are available for screening and treatment of depression, anxiety, and other conditions. NMPHC is proud to offer Psychiatric medicine management through telehealth in partnership with the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson.

  • Preventive Dental Services

    Benton Dental Clinic provides exams, x-rays, sealants, and cleanings to help your teeth stay healthy.

  • Additional Dental Services

    Benton Dental Clinic provides fillings, extractions, crowns, and partials at a fraction of the cost of private dental clinics. Come by or call for a quote today!

  • Pharmaceutical Services

    NMPHC provides pharmacy services through contracted pharmacies near every clinic location. Patients can experience significant savings through the 340B Federal Drug Pricing Pharmacy Program.

  • Health Education

    NMPHC provides many opportunities to learn about health. From one-on-one education to group sessions and classes, NMPHC has something for everyone.

  • Outreach Services

    NMPHC outreach workers educate the community about our programs and services and help connect our patients with needed resources.

  • Transportation

    NMPHC is proud to offer free transportation to any patients in need through our NMPHC Go! program. If you need transportation to and from our clinic and contracted pharmacy locations please let the front desk know when you schedule your appointment.

  • Wellness Center

    NMPHC operates a fitness facility in the town of Ashland near its Benton Medical Center location. This facility has multiple weight machines and cardiovascular equipment as well as some group education. This service is offered free to all NMPHC patients with appropriate medical referral from an NMPHC provider. Please inquire by phone or in person at the front desk for more information.

  • Patient Portal

    NMPHC provides a comprehensive patient portal for all patients with access to medical records and documentation as well as the ability to securely communicate with your provider. Please ask at the front desk following your appointment for additional information.